Enjoy the nostalgic charm of an Antique Signing Chair and table, reminiscent of a gentle time in history.  Add an opulent look and feel to the occasion, made with precision, care and attention to detail.

The chair is made in the CHIPPENDALE style, a furniture design which reflects many different techniques from Chinese to Neoclassical. 

The word Chippendale has become associated with a noticeable form, connected in the company, of a large ratio of the high quality English furniture of the 1700s. 

The namesake Thomas Chippendale was the son of a carpenter born in the 18th century.


The furniture is made of mahogany a wood famed for its luxuriant golden or red-brown tones. 

Mahogany is the general wood of choice for furniture fashioned in the Chippendale style.

There are various different types of mahogany including Cuban and Spanish; we also are famed for our mahogany trees in Barbados and have been acclaimed for our creative and functional use of this beautiful wood. 


The furniture radiates a lovely mellow tone glowing with richness, an excellent accessory for your theme.

It is in pristine condition, sturdy and beautiful with a solid structure and a comfortable padded seat of a neutral colour.

Contact us for table décor possibilities, you can opt to keep the table plain or we can arrange for simple as well as elaborate forms, to combine and compliment your ideas and scheme for your wedding.

Thomas Chippendale became one of the world’s best known furniture makers throughout recorded history.

Now Available from Pangroove - Elegant Events ... Select from Chippendale style or enjoy the beautiful lines of a "Queen Anne Hoop Back" chair with urn-shape splat feature and matching table, in excellent condition.

Create a package which is truly exclusive and inclusive With "Red Carpet Services" from Elegant Events.


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