Exciting Live Entertainment
Direct your event into a whole new field of amazement; create a high point with an explosive burst of inspiration. 
Include a floorshow in your presentation,
from Pangroove - Elegant Events.

Choose from performances which are rhythmical, colourful, hot, traditional
and/or high impact:

  • Calypso Dancers
  • Caribbean Dancers
  • Fire Eaters
  • Flame Dancers
  • Limbo Dancers
  • Tuk Band
  • Mother Sally
  • Shaggy Bear
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Contact our office for full availability list

You can use a floorshow for many different occasions, consider: Corporate, Street Parties/Carnivals, Promotions, Weddings, Advertising, Christmas celebrations, New Years, Birthdays, Hotel Industry, Tented events … Your imagination
is your only limitation.

Include “Limbo” in your entertainment package, a novelty dance which is guaranteed to infuse energy into your event.  The limbo dance ensures that everybody participates, as *guests can treat it as a game and try their skills too at the playful, light hearted Caribbean show.

Infuse Zest and Vitality
Limbo procedure: A dancer or guest moves to a Caribbean rhythm, leaning backwards while dancing under a horizontal stick without touching it or the floor.  If you touch it or fall you are out.  The stick is lowered (30cm) until only one successful dancer remains, who is the winner.

permit us to express your requests as meaningful certainties and create extraordinary memories. 
We believe in infusing vision and precision into your presentation, for effective success.

Show Extravaganza
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Dance Duo
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Tuk Band
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Dance Group
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Flame Limbo
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Contact us for more information on these samples and much more which are available for your event.

* For "Guest Limbo" participation, NO flame is used.


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