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Embrace the remarkable, heavenly sound of an amazing instrument.  You can now hire the services of a fully experienced harpist to enrich your occasion.
Entrance your guests with a unique, mood lifting sound which is truly a delight.
From Pangroove - Elegant Events


Original concept came from inspiration from the sound of the hunters bow when plucked.  It dates way back in antiquity, as far as Ancient Egypt where there are wall paintings which depict its existence.  These early harps are known as “Folk Harps” and continued to evolve to produce the instrument of extreme sophistication which we enjoy today. Famous players have included many biblical accounts and Kings including noted musician King Henry VII and celebrities like.

Of the “STRING” family.  

  • The level of its strings sited upright to the soundboard.
  • Has a neck, resonator and strings.
  • Can have a fore pillar; those without the fore pillar are known to as open harps.
  • Strings are made of nylon (occasionally wrapped around copper) wire, or silk.

FACT:  “Harpo” Marx the popular comedian of “Marx Brothers” fame, was a self taught harpist.




  • Pedal (Classical style)
  • Lever (Non Pedal)
  • Irish
  • Wire-Strung
  • Double Strung
  • Celtic
  • Lap Harps

There are various classical and other techniques but generally the harpist uses all fingers except the smallest which is too weak to effectively pluck a string.  Each finger is numbered for ease of procedure.

Pangroove – Elegant Events will handle all the arrangements; contact us for more information and booking availability.  Please note that this service requires advance booking.




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