Touch a chord which will make your event truly exceptional … A Violin Solo player…

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Pangroove – Elegant Events.

The violin is a beautiful instrument which has accomplished a great extent of eminence in the music realm.

The Violin has traditionally held the number one spot as the ultimate in romantic atmosphere; creating images in the mind of Venice/Italy and other classically romantic settings. 

It has a lush history, proving itself as the most unsurpassed of soloist instruments

Also consider a Violin Soloist for:
  • Engagement celebrations
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Entertainment
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • And so much more, the Violin is versatile; it can be classic, romantic or fun.
TIP:  Adding a Violin Solo can be the finishing touch to our Intimate Moments service, a package which is designed to make your loved one feel special.

The soft serenade of the Violin compliments any occasion where you would wish memories to be made. Make full use of our consultation services and see how you can make a Violin Soloist a part of your event. 

We can discuss options to make this addition remarkably unique to your occasion.

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