Wedding Planning, Decor and Rentals

Pangroove Elegant Events is proud to present to you our 

“Red Carpet Treatment” … An amazing array of services providing distinctive enhancements destined to transform your wedding from the ordinary to your ultimate dream day.  Your selections will be adapted to your own unique taste and financial availability, to reflect your personality and theme with style. Options range from the literal “Red Carpet aisle" to Red Carpet Treatment pampering.

Experience the Red Carpet Treatment Services ... 

Add a touch of majesty to your event …

make it an Elegant Event!!!


Select and connect the package features which suit your requirements.  The range is fully adaptable and can include all or any combination of services.


Give a gift with a difference ...
Red Carpet Services and combinations make great gifts for that special someone or couple, which will be truly appreciated.


Contact us to arrange a consultation. We can advise you! ... Take advantage of our extensive experience in planning Elegant Events. and lets make yours a Pangroove Elegant Event!

You can also include other services into your "Red Carpet Package" ...

Create your own 'Red Carpet Services' package for your wedding day. 

Call us to discuss: Pangroove Elegant Events in Barbados. Tel 246 435 9264


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