• 1938 is often associated as the traditional inception of the steel drum, as an alternative to the wood barrel.
  • The first steel pan was an empty biscuit tin, which was later hammered to produce notes, but was limited in range.
  • Winston Spree developed the first u-shaped steel pan, he was a drummer.
  • It was discovered that a dish shape produced a wider range of notes.
  • 1946 - The first official concave (dish-shape) steel drum was made (Ellie Manette).
  • Pans are made out of steel oil drums.
  • Trinidad strongly associates the steel pan as part of its culture.
  • There are ten instruments in the pan category
  • Steel pan orchestras have been known to feature as much as ten different types of drums, for a variety of tonal range.
  • Steel pans are of the IDIOPHONE family meaning to vibrate itself; a triangle is also in this group.
Learn To Play Pan

Whether your goal is to be a professional, develop a new hobby or just for fun, Elegant Events - Pangroove Entertainment can fulfil your tuition needs. study the intricacies of the art of playing the steel pan, from a simple pan solo to gaining knowledge of the extensive range of music which can be created by a full steel pan orchestra.


Facilities are available for you to enjoy classes in an air-conditioned studio, equipped with everything you need to effectively complete your development in this skill.  You can opt for individual classes tailored specifically for you (especially useful in overcoming deficiencies in technique) or you can be part of a small class, if you prefer to share your learning experience with others.

All classes are conducted by one of our experienced tutors and focuses on technique fundamentals and achieving understanding of the basic essentials of music theory.
As the student progresses the computer is introduced as a tool in practice and learning.
We provide introductory classes and further tuition for those who already have experience in
the art of steel pan.

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