Tablescapes and center pieces are often the first things that brides think of when conceptualising their wedding decor. It is important to remember that your colour scheme should encompass your entire event. That does not mean that you have to use the same colour for everything but that taken together there is a harmony of colour. Look around you for colour and concept inspiration. 
  In the planning of your tablescape you may want to start by deciding whether you will go the route of dramatic contrast or monochromatic shades of the same colour. Indeed you may settle on something in between with a colour scheme that incorporates several colours that come together well.
  Always remember that you are decorating a whole space and that what looks good on one table might not translate to what you intend across fifteen tables. The impact might be too strong or too weak. 

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  See Event Decorating for more information on general event decorating.

Remember your wedding is an expression of your style and taste

 Let Pangroove Elegant Events make your wedding decor the magical dream you envisaged. 

Attention to detail and dramatic highlights all contribute to creating magic for your wedding day. 

A wide selection of vases, mirrors, candelabra and other accents make your wedding table center pieces all come alive.






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Let us bring your dreams to life
for Your Wedding Day.
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Available items include:

  • Crystal Drop Columns
  • Pool Fountains
  • Mini Table Fountains
  • Mirrors
  • Decorative glassware
  • Sliver & White Candelabra
  • Red / White Aisle runners
  • And so much more. 

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Headtable backdrop Wedding With headtable backdrop Wedding With headtable backdrop Wedding With headtable backdrop



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