Ministers pictured wearing miniature microphones.
Wedding ceremonies have very distinct and essential requirements when it comes to providing
sound for their use.

To be an active member of the proceedings, you need to hear and digest every aspect which is delivered, this includes:

  • Wedding march
  • Wedding song
  • Ministers words
  • The vows
  • Any directions given to sit stand  etc
  • Further events, signing of the register, the announcement.
  • Speeches etc.

Our sound packages are tailor made to blend seamlessly with your wedding ceremony needs.

We provide similar equipment to facilities used by television presenters. A miniature microphone is worn by the minister and is used to pick up his speech as well as the vows of the bride and groom. An additional benefit of this system is for photographs, which can be beautifully taken without the hindrance of a long stem microphone.

Additionally Elegant Events also provide equipment for your ceremony and reception requirements, including hand-held and long stem microphones for singers, MC's and other performers plus DJ services.
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